Hybrid cloud solutions with the highest security standards made in Germany


Why is good hosting so important?

Companies need a secure way to operate servers and store the ever-increasing amount of data. In local data centers or in the cloud. With secure access from the office and on the move. Operated and managed by experts according to best practices and certified standards.

Hosting made in DUS
Our hosting services offer security and exclusivity with a local location in Düsseldorf. ISO-certified data centers ensure the security of your data.
Our cloud services offer flexibility and a wide range of services that are not available in local data centers. Enjoy the freedom and consume cloud services securely from a single source without any effort on your part.
Our hybrid hosting solutions combine local data storage with exclusive cloud services. You get the advantages of both worlds with security and flexibility.

What difficulties are there with hosting?

The cost of hosting services can be unpredictable and increase quickly, especially if the resources required are not clearly defined. Careful budgeting and a clear cost structure are required to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure profitability.
Hosting without adequate security measures can lead to data loss, data breaches and compliance issues. A lack of platform design, inadequate monitoring and unclear regulations pose risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
The correct scaling of hosting resources is crucial in order to optimize performance and meet the demand for storage space and computing power. Misjudging capacity can lead to bottlenecks or overspending on unused resources. Finding the right balance between capacity and demand is a challenge.

Why host with SITA Airport IT?

SITA Airport IT offers first-class hosting solutions based on many years of experience and a robust infrastructure. With ISO-certified data centers in Germany, we guarantee the highest standards of data protection and data security. Our fully managed services allow customers to concentrate on their core business.

Made in Germany

With SITA Airport IT at your side, your data is also secure. Our ISO-certified data centers in Düsseldorf offer hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions from a single source that comply with strict German data protection regulations.

Critical infrastructure

Thanks to our many years of experience in supporting critical infrastructures, especially at Düsseldorf Airport, our data centers are optimally designed for critical requirements and offer maximum security and availability.

All-round carefree package

We offer you a fully managed service package that gives you access to established platforms and predefined processes. With predictable costs and a short path to your contacts, we ensure that your hosting requirements are optimally met while you can concentrate on your core business


Our hosting products

  • Container as a Service

    With Container as a Service (CaaS) and Managed Services, we make it easier for you to operate your container platform - including complete management, if you wish, perfectly customised to your needs.

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  • Server Hosting

    So that you can concentrate fully on your core business, we offer you high-performance, secure server hosting solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

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  • Desktop as a Service

    With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), we create and host virtual work environments that your employees can access from anywhere, at any time and with any device.

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You can rely on our team

You can rely on our experts to overcome your challenges with expertise and commitment.

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    Hybrid cloud solutions with the highest security standards made in Germany

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    Customized networks for smooth and efficient communication

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    Highest security standards thanks to years of KRITIS experience

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