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The maritime industry is at the center of global trade flows and requires robust IT solutions for efficient and reliable operations. We offer ideal solutions for shipping companies, ports and port handling to meet the specific requirements of this industry.


What characterizes the industry?

As part of the global freight transport sector, the maritime industry is characterized in particular by its global networking. It is a key component of intermodality in global logistics and thus forms the backbone of global supply. Continuous operation around the clock is of central importance in order to ensure that supply chains are maintained. These characteristics force the existing IT systems to undergo constant further development and optimization.

maritime core areas

Our expertise in the maritime industry

Shipping companies

Shipping companies

We support shipping companies with application development, infrastructure operation (data centers) and global networking for effective data management.



Our solutions include traffic control and video networks and their 24/7 operation to record and control traffic flows as part of resource management.

Port handling

Port handling

From comprehensive data center operations to secure communication solutions, we offer comprehensive support for efficient port handling processes.


What are the IT challenges facing the maritime industry?

Ship connection
Connecting ships poses a particular challenge for IT and communication systems, as each ship requires special infrastructure that functions effectively and reliably both at sea and in port. The special requirements for maritime IT and communication systems require customized solutions for a smooth and reliable connection between the ships and their bases.
Resource planning
The numerous, interconnected trades require time-consuming coordination and complex route planning. Processes based on large amounts of data, such as predictive analytics, support just-in-time planning, the aim of which is to ensure maximum punctuality with minimum use of resources.
Cyber security in the maritime industry is an emerging topic that has often been neglected to date. However, the increasing digitalization and networking of ships poses new risks, as they can become vulnerable to cyber attacks. This can have serious consequences for the safety of crew, passengers and cargo, as well as for the operation of ships
our advantages

Why SITA Airport IT ?

We are a leading provider of IT and communication solutions in highly specialized industries. Our many years of experience in the development and operation of IT systems in critical infrastructures, coupled with innovative approaches and individual solutions, make us a trusted partner for many customers worldwide.

Process knowledge

Thanks to our many years of experience in air traffic, particularly with the IT-specific characteristics and requirements of airports, we are able to transfer our process knowledge to the maritime sector. This special understanding of processes helps us to develop optimal, perfectly tailored IT solutions.

Critical Infrastructure:

As a long-standing expert in the development and management of critical IT systems, we offer reliable IT infrastructure solutions that meet the high security standards of the maritime industry.

Experience and innovation

We have been able to offer our customers in the maritime industry innovative solutions for more than 10 years thanks to continuous knowledge development and a high level of commitment. Continuous development with a focus on optimal, long-term solutions is what drives us every day.

You can rely on our team

You can rely on our experts to overcome your challenges with expertise and commitment.

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