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We design future-oriented communication and IT solutions for the aviation industry and offer our expertise to airports, airlines, ground handlers and other aviation companies. Industry expertise, flexibility and a comprehensive service portfolio make SITA Airport IT the ideal partner!


what characterizes the industry

The air transport industry is characterized by dynamic growth, global networking and constant adaptation to the changing needs of modern travelers. Reliable, highly available and innovative IT systems play a central role in the provision of services, in which all processes are clearly defined, particularly with regard to efficiency and security. The companies active in air transport form a small but highly specialized community that is well networked and known to each other.


aviation core areas

Our expertise in air transport



As a reliable IT partner to major airlines, we operate critical core IT systems that ensure smooth operations. These include, in particular, back-end systems in our data centers as well as individual applications in various operational areas. We also provide IT services such as network or check-in systems to many branches on the Düsseldorf Airport campus.



Airport IT is part of our DNA! At Düsseldorf Airport, we have been operating and supporting a large number of business-critical applications for many years. We are a reliable service provider in the areas of hosting, network and software and ensure that operational and administrative business processes run smoothly. We develop customized software and application solutions according to requirements.

Ground Handling

Ground Handling

Ground handling requires effective and perfectly coordinated processes. Our exceptional reliability and detailed knowledge of ground handling processes at an airport make us the ideal IT partner for ground handling companies. Our state-of-the-art communication solutions enable smooth ground handling and optimize the entire operational process.


What are the IT Challenges facing the aviation industry?

Safety has many facets. Safety is always a top priority in aviation. This applies both to cyber security, which requires continuous adjustments to IT security infrastructures due to the growing threat of cyber attacks, and to the security of people and machines. The secure storage and processing of sensitive data as well as the complex allocation and control of access authorizations require highly developed IT systems.
Every minute counts in air traffic: fast turnaround times and perfectly coordinated processes are the basis for economic success. Supporting IT systems must therefore be particularly fail-safe and highly available. This applies to networks, data centers and applications. Redundant systems make a major contribution to availability, but are resource-intensive to manage.
The provision of air transport services is characterized by the interaction of a wide variety of players who need to act and communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. The networking of the players plays a central role here: secure communication, fast data transfers, variable interfaces - highly complex network structures enable smooth exchange.
regulatory complexity
Due to the special requirements for safety and availability, the aviation industry is confronted with a large number of complex regulations and regulatory requirements. Knowledge of these regulatory requirements is extremely important when implementing new technologies and processes.
our advantages

Why SITA Airport IT?

As a subsidiary of SITA and Düsseldorf Airport (DUS), SITA Airport IT specializes in communication and IT solutions for the aviation industry (ATI). Our many years of experience as an IT service provider for DUS, coupled with our broad service portfolio and innovative approach, make us a trustworthy partner for customers worldwide.

Airport-related expertise

Whether airport, airline or ground handling: thanks to years of experience as an IT service provider in air traffic, we know the requirements of the various stakeholders and how they interact.

Comprehensive services

Our broad service portfolio covers virtually all relevant IT services: from data centers to networks and application development. Tailor-made solutions with little coordination effort - everything from a single source!

Fast response time

Thanks to our regional business focus, we maintain personal proximity to our customers and still have a company size that can operate critical IT infrastructures securely and reliably. Short distances, familiar contacts, fast response times for optimum results.

You can rely on our team

You can rely on our experts to overcome your challenges with expertise and commitment.

how we can help

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    Hybrid cloud solutions with the highest security standards made in Germany

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  • Network

    Customized networks for smooth and efficient communication

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  • Software

    We are true specialists in the development, integration and management of software

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  • IT-Security

    Highest security standards thanks to years of KRITIS experience

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  • IT-Support

    Efficient support at all levels from experienced IT specialists

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