Systematic transmission

Wireless systems

Versatile and always connecting. Digital wireless communication for operational use

SITA Airport IT operates various wireless systems for Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH and a large number of other customers, as well as control centre solutions with high demands on availability and quality.

Smooth flight operations are essential at an international airport.
The digital TETRA trunked radio system is the central communication and control system of all the operational handling processes of the airport and its customers: e.g. airlines, caterers, handlers or the authorities.

It is also the transmission medium for numerous special applications, such as the emergency call system in the driverless Sky Train.

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Highly available and tailor-made. Our range of services in the field of wireless communication.

Wireless systems for the authorities and organisations with security related tasks

Five 2m analogue BOS radio channels and the digital TETRA-BOS radio serve the Düsseldorf municipal fire brigade, the federal police, the state police, customs and the plant fire brigade as a common means of communication within the buildings.

AVS system for the airport fire brigade and security
The query switching system (AVS) makes it possible to operate emergency call lines (112, elevator emergency calls), telephones, radio channels and direct lines (e.g. tower, traffic managers) centrally via a screen interface.

Security guards for personal and property protection
The security guard system supports the airport security sector via the TETRA trunked radio network in the monitoring and control of persons and property. In the event of an alarm, it enables the rapid automatic localisation of the security personnel.

Aeronautical radio systems ​​​​​​​
SITA Airport IT GmbH's aeronautical radio is divided into three segments:

  • Aircraft de-icing: Communication between de-icing vehicles, operations management and the aircraft to be de-iced
  • Aeronautical radio for the Airport Control Center (ACC): Receiving system and playback medium for aircraft frequencies in operational use by the ACC
  • Company-aeronautical radio (ground-to-air): Internal communication between the aircraft, the operational units of the ground handling agents and the airlines

Terminal device management for hand-held and vehicle radios
Terminal device service, terminal device approval, programming, training of terminal device users, entire logistics process (issue, repairs, etc.), procurement of accessories and documentation, planning and coordination of vehicle radio installations in special vehicles such as aircraft tractors, FollowMe and SkyTrain, acceptance of installations.

Building radio coverage on airport grounds
Wireless coverage of the buildings is ensured in accordance with the provisions of the building authorities, to fire protection regulations of the municipal fire brigade and the provisions of the regulatory authority. Building radio is fed from a central location. All radio services (trunked radio, Tetra-BOS radio, fire brigade radio, 2m/4m BOS radio) are interconnected and routed here.

Highly available
and tailor-made

We operate the TETRA25 digital wireless system on the entire campus of Düsseldorf Airport, thereby ensuring smooth flight operations.