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Airport Map in time and budget

As planned, phase 1 of the new airport map for Düsseldorf Airport was successfully completed after 12 months. The software solution from g.on replaces the old desktop-based airport map.

Fortunately, the organisational restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic did not disrupt the schedule of the demanding project. The g.on development team and the colleagues from SITA Airport IT as project partners worked together smoothly even without face-to-face meetings. "This is a great and well-coordinated team at work," says Gregor Adamczyk, project manager at Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH.

The web-based Airport Map represents a central solution for airport employees to control and monitor processes, events and occurrences for operational business at the airport. Whereas previously they had to operate and view various different systems in the ACC (Airport Control Centre) to get a complete overview of current operations at the airport, now they only need to click a few times on the new Airport Map.

With the proven aimPort technology, the most diverse systems, such as the "core of every airport", the so-called Airport Operational Database (AODB), the radar data of flight and vehicle movements and also the live images of the complex system for camera surveillance, could be brought together in a single system. The main challenges were the live display of aircraft and vehicles in aimPort, as well as video streams in real time. This now enables comprehensive monitoring and assessment of the real situation at the airport. Under the bonnet, the aimPort software has also been optimised in terms of robustness, long-term use, etc., in order to meet the special requirements for operational use. These developments and improvements are of course available to all aimPort iDB customers as part of the software maintenance.

After a short briefing of the staff on the web-based Airport Map, Phase 1 is now in trial operation. In parallel, the project team is working on the implementation of phase 2, so that, according to the current status, the Airport Map will go live on schedule at the end of 2021.