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Network & Communication


SITA Airport IT GmbH offers network services for all lessees on the Düsseldorf Airport campus. These include air operations, airlines, administration, airport concessionaires, ground handling services, cargo and catering organisations as well as commercial areas, including retail companies from a wide variety of sectors.

The airport network includes the terminal building as well as cargo, hangar and administrative areas across the entire campus. It offers the flexibility of wired and wireless services, both on the land side and air side of the airport.

As the airport is a multi-customer environment, security and the separation of traffic and services between the different lessees is of crucial importance.

SITA Airport IT provides a secure, flexible and fast network for your customers.  

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What you get from us:

  • Consulting service
  • Proactive network management that enables faults to be detected and eliminated at an early stage
  • Individual setup of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
  • Operation of over 250 access points and various hotspots in the public areas and lounges of the airport
  • Telephone connections on the campus of Düsseldorf Airport – available only from us with the airport’s own 421 prefix
  • Operation of three redundant telephone systems – currently with over 5,000 analogue, digital, ISDN and VoIP connections
  • Provision of voice box systems, cordless systems, call centre systems or services for switchboards
  • Management of mobile telephony contracts and other communication services

Gateway into the airport network

If access to the airport's secured systems – such as the AODB flight database or the FIDS flight information – is required from a customer’s network, a gateway that is protected by a firewall will be activated. This can be done via a defined router/firewall access on campus or be provided using corresponding VPN technology.

Router/Firewall connection

Virtual firewall services can be made available in order to secure customer networks.

Remote Access and LAN-to-LAN VPN

Thanks to VPN/IPSec technology (Virtual Private Network), confidential data can be exchanged securely and easily via the Internet. Mobile users are able to access internal airport services. It is also possible to provide LAN to LAN couplings after corresponding scrutiny.


The latest technologies enable scalable and individually tailored networks as well as high-speed connections in our data centres.