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Data Center

We support you with our extensive data center services

Our specialists are at your disposal whether you require housing for your own servers, typical operating services or support for operating systems and middleware. Of course, we also assume complete operation of the applications for you. Services in availability management, such as proactive monitoring, also ensure early fault detection right up to the application level and thus avoid failures.


The subject of data and data management is too sensitive to leave anything to chance.

Therefore, choose a partner who has created all the technical prerequisites for a secure operation of your applications.

Our data centre offers comprehensive security features and the latest protection for your data:

  • Uninterruptible power supply, ensured by a diesel generator
  • Separate fire compartments and fire alarm systems with Inergen fire suppression system
  • Access control, including video surveillance and burglar alarm system
  • Redundant firewalls and multi-level virus protection concept
  • 3 data centre locations

“North German sea bears” and “Rhenish cheerful natures” have grown together to form a very successful and efficient team whose focus is not on bare IT but on the entrepreneurial success of both partners. Getting everything from a single source is attractive, but getting everything from a “good” source is not always a given. That's exactly what we've done here. And if you can say that as a “customer”: it's fun.

(Oliver Krüger, Senior Enterprise Architect, Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd.)

Specific requirements require specific measures – targeted individual solutions for your company

Do your needs require a very particular, tailor-made approach? Talk to us.

Apart from offering standard computer data services, we also work with you to develop measures and solution packages that meet your requirements 100 percent.

Not only do we implement your specifications in terms of availability, scalability, performance and security tailored to your individual needs. In addition, you always receive a solution from us that pays off from a financial point of view.

Infrastructure Services

  • The right server sizes for your requirements, whether virtual or physical and scalable
  • Continuous client separation: Dedicated firewall instances, autonomous networks (VLANs, DMZ), separated servers and data storage
  • Comprehensive data backup concept with regular recovery tests and logging
  • Use of proven and modern hardware and software technologies from renowned manufacturers
  • Flexible billing models and tailor-made SLAs

Platform Services

  • Managed operating system Windows and Linux server
  • Upgrades, Patching – Security compliance – Incident management (analysis and remediation) – System recovery – Monitoring – Parametrization   
  • Managed middleware and operational application support
  • Database systems – Collaboration suites – ERP systems – Document management systems – Directory services – Web servers – File services – Monitoring and control of your applications
  • Big-Data platforms
  • Hadoop – Business intelligence – Predictive analytics
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • 2-factor authentication – WAN optimisation – 3D visualisation
  • Round the clock support (24/7 support) 

Cloud Services

  • Container Plattformen
  • Scalable cloud technologies in our data centres – Integration of customer-side dev tools
  • Public cloud (file sharing solution)
  • Also available as a separate customer environment with its own branding
  • Office 365 operation and integration
  • Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Connects
  • Integration of hyperscale public cloud services – Direct connection to hyperscale nodes (Germany, Europe North/West, low latencies)

Service Management

  • Automation platform – solution designs and system architectures tailored to your requirements
  • Continuous security concept – Change management


Housing, operating, administration, monitoring –
our complete package of managed services

  • Housing Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Application Services
  • SLA