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As a subsidiary of SITA and Düsseldorf Airport, SITA Airport IT GmbH specialises in communications and IT solutions for the aviation industry (ATI).

Our customers therefore include airports and airlines, but also public authorities and over 250 large and medium-sized companies worldwide, who benefit daily from our know-how.

Airport Control Center

Since October 2012, Düsseldorf Airport has been operating the Airport Control Center (ACC), a state-of-the-art control centre for efficiently handling airport operations.

SITA Airport IT, as the airport’s IT partner, has tailored 18 highly specialised workstations to the respective requirements as part of the project and provided them with the necessary information and communication technology. A total of around 60 computers are operated in an air-conditioned utility room as well as remote monitors at the individual workstations.

Airports, airlines, ground handlers and authorities work hand in hand at the ACC. It was therefore a particular challenge to integrate the various third-party systems into the workstations. In order to make the ACC as efficient as possible, new software systems were embedded in the existing system landscape, which are redundantly made available in our two data centres.

Application Management

COLIBRI (Condor Library of Information)
  • Data collector for all information on a flight event
  • Individual information for daily operations
  • Current passenger and loading data
  • Integration of relevant SITA telexes
  • Current flight plan information up to the end of the season
  • Browser-based front-end
  • Tool e.g. for calculating air traffic tax
  • Open architecture for integration of further data sources
AODB - Airport Operational Database
  • Central coordination of all airport logistics

  • Collaboration with the GroundStar line of our partners topsystem and INFORM

  • Custom-tailored message brokers

  • Management of all important basic and flight data

  • Interfaces possible to all systems installed at the airport

  • Open architecture for flexible integration of additional users and systems


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