Check-in & Desktop Services as required

Check-in & Desktop Services

Innovative - from check-in to landing

Also allow your passengers to check-in at the machine!

A worldwide standard has been defined with CUSS (Common Use Self Service), which permits a problem-free connection of various applications to a single software platform.

The idea behind it: All airlines use the same CUSS machines, which we provide and maintain. No matter which airline the customer has a ticket for - our CUSS machines provide a comfortable, uncomplicated and speedy completion of the check-in process.

Renowned international airlines use our check-in service as an innovative way to improve customer service and save costs at the same time.
​​​​​​​Our own application is developed one time in collaboration with Materna and can then be used at any CUSS machine - not only at the airport terminal, but wherever you want to offer your customers a special check-in service.

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Benefits for you

  • Highly cost-effective: 
    Considerable cost reduction through joint use
    Visually reinforce the airline’s presence at the airport
    Additional use of eye-catchers for marketing purposes
  • Broad applicability ​​​​​​​
    Can be used for all airlines
    At present, 46 CUSS machines are operated at Düsseldorf Airport for the following airlines:
    - Lufthansa & Eurowings
    - Air France & KLM/HOP!
    - Aegean Airlines
    - Condor

  • Easy to use
    17" touch screen for menu control
    Self check-in with boarding pass printed out by the passenger
    User-friendly thanks to ease of use

We are already responsible for our customers today:

Operation of all terminal devices or terminal device types

  • 1200 PCs and notebooks
  • 500 printers of various designs
  • 630 mobile phones and smartphones
  • 3000 telephones
  • 1000 FIDS monitors (Flight Information Display System)
  • 300 CUTE check-in stations
  • 100 boarding gates
  • 26 Quick Boarding Gates (QBG)
  • 13 Automated Boarding Pass Control (ABPC) units
  • 46 Common Use Self Service (CUSS) terminals

Warehouse and logistics process handling


We know exactly how the business processes of our customers work. That is why we carry out both cyclical and permanent rollouts in such a way that you are affected as little as possible in your day-to-day business.
From identifying the devices that need to be replaced, the software licenses that are still required or new, scheduling with the user up to replacing the devices on site - we take care of everything and check the functionality of the ordered software products as well as the correct allocation of peripheral devices, e.g. printers, together with you before the devices are finally replaced.


We handle the conception, implementation and control of the configuration specifications of your clients in order to ensure a smooth and secure operation.


Full desktop service from a single source

Who really does like to coordinate dozens of providers and service providers? And this, where you can just as well have one for everything – SITA Airport IT.