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Application Services

The Application Development department provides solutions for digitising the business processes of our customers. Together with the stakeholders, we analyse the requirements in the day-to-day processes or new processes, and create individual implementation concepts. Out of the developed implementation concept, we move on to implementation, whereby we permanently involve our customers. Coming from the classic project business, we have been developing in an agile direction for some time now and are applying the scrum methodology to this end. An experienced scrum team, including a scrum master and product owner as well as a development team, is available to our customers during the implementation phase. This ensures that our customers are regularly provided with a value-enhancing further development of their product. An additional advantage is that our customers and stakeholders always have an influence on the sequence of further development and that target adjustments can also be made after each sprint. This allows our customers the greatest possible flexibility so that they can react to changing conditions at any time.

Our technology stack includes state-of-the-art technology in order to provide robust applications in a flexible way. This includes:

  • Virtual machines in our own certified data center
  • (spatial) redundancy of the systems
  • Failure safety through load balancing
  • Encryption of the data links
  • Container-Management Docker
  • Web content management TYPO3
  • Spring Framework
  • Webframework Vaadin

If a user interface is required for an application, we rely solely on web technologies in order to offer the greatest possible device and OS independence.

Our application developers are certified according to their personal orientation and application field, e.g. Scrum Master, ITIL Foundation, Vaadin Developer, TYPO3 Certified Integrator. This and the many years of experience and length of service of our employees ensure that we can provide the best expert knowledge to achieve your goals.


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Collaborating with SITA AIRPORT IT is an excellent example for Xovis to develop the full potential of our 3D sensors and software solutions. Thanks to their excellent project management, their outstanding expertise in terms of application support and the perfect application of our system at all the relevant process points by SITA Airport IT, we can help Düsseldorf Airport achieve greater success and guide its passengers to their destinations more quickly. All in the name of less waiting time, more fun.

(Dominik Hutter, Account Manager Airports, Xovis AG)

Digital value creation from A to Z

From development through procurement to sales, these days eBusiness plays a key role in all stages of the value chain. Not least in terms of digital networking with suppliers, customers, business partners and potential future employees. As traditional business activities continue to evolve, most information, communication and transactions today take place digitally. Our eBusiness team will gladly help you to make your company ready for the world beyond the analogue business structure.

The eBusiness division integrates the core competencies of SITA Airport IT and thus enables all business processes to be handled by means of mobile technologies:

  • Real-time flight information for mobile devices can be retrieved via WebService;
  • Business intelligence data is now available online via the iPad;
  • Printing out an important e-mail shortly before departure is done quickly by means of mobile printing.